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XL5+ Power Bender Comparison Chart

XL5+ Power Bender Tool

XL5+ Power Bender Tool with all 5 Options

XL5+ Power Bender Tool Pro Workshop

XL5+ Power Bender Tool

Additional Combination 1/8" / 4mm Punch Block and Pins

Punch Pins (2 ea. 1/8", 4mm, 3/16", and 1/4"


XL5+ Option 1: Pedestal

XL5+ Option 2: Embossing & End Forging Kit

XL5+ Option 3: Edge Bending Kit

XL5+ Option 4: Tube/Rod Rolling Kit

XL5+ Option 5: Micro Bending Kit

Design Book

MK3/4 Scroll Bender with Tubing Components

XL Pro Twister with Basket Maker