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Discover the unmatched versatility and reliability of our Flat Metal Steel Strips, Solid Round Rods, Solid Square Bars, and Round Tubing. We offer both Black Hot Rolled Mild Steel and Bright Annealed Mild Steel, perfect for a range of projects from intricate designs to robust structural components. Our competitively priced steel products are shipped directly to your door, ensuring you receive high-quality materials without the hassle.

Annealing is a crucial process that enhances the properties of our steel products. By heating the metal to a specific temperature and cooling it slowly, annealing makes the metal stronger and more formable while reducing hardness and brittleness. This process ensures that our steel is ready to meet the demands of any project, providing durability and ease of use.

Mild steel, with its relatively low carbon content, offers excellent mechanical properties. It boasts impressive strength, ductility, and workability, making it a preferred choice for various applications. Its weldability and relatively low cost further enhance its appeal, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

Shipping steel is more affordable than you might think. We utilize UPS Simple Rate (flat rate box) shipping, allowing you to maximize the value of your shipping dollar. To get the most out of this service, order steel in increments of 50 lbs. Combining different types of metal to reach this weight threshold ensures you pay the same shipping cost for 50 lbs. as you would for 1 lb., providing significant savings.