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Flat Metal Steel Strip, Solid Round Rod, Solid Square Bar, and Round Tubing.  We offer Black Hot Rolled Mild Steel and Bright Annealed Mild Steel.  Competitively priced steel shipped directly to your door!

Annealing is a process of heating metal to a specific temperature for a given duration and then cooling it down slowly.  This process makes metal stronger, more formable, reduces hardness and brittleness.  Mild steel is a type of metal that contains a relatively low amount of carbon.  Mild steel possesses good mechanical properties such as strength, ductility, excellent workability, weldability, and relatively low cost.

Shipping steel is NOT expensive - We use UPS Simple Rate (flat rate box) so to get the most value for your shipping dollar, order steel in increments of 50 lbs. (variety of metal can be combined to reach 50 lbs.) as basically it costs the same to ship 1 lb. as it does 50 lbs.