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How to Make Projects

Unleash your creativity and master the art of metalcraft with our engaging instructional YouTube videos!

Discover step-by-step guides for crafting stunning projects using our hand-operated, safe, and user-friendly Metalcraft tools. From the elegance of a Metalcraft Butterfly to the festive charm of a Christmas Tree, practical items like a Log Holder and Wine Rack, to innovative solutions like a Floating Book Shelf and Mobile Phone Holder – we've got your crafting aspirations covered. These videos provide detailed instructions, ensuring you turn every project into a masterpiece. Elevate your metalcraft skills and bring your visions to life with ease.

For more inspiration, explore our pages on Metalcraft Tool Introductions and in-depth Metalcraft Tool Demonstrations.

Metalcraft Tool Range Introductions
Metalcraft Tool Demonstrations

Simple Metalcraft Projects
Christmas Tree
Elvis Head Made from Wire Using a Metal Bender -Metalcraft UK
Tealight Tree
Mobile Phone Holder
Wine Rack
Bracket Challenge - Metalcraft
Wall Sconce
Simple Metalcraft Clock using recycled pallet wood
Quick and Easy Metal Love Heart
Floating Metal Book Shelf
Wrought Iron Hanging Cat
Wall Mounted Ball Holder
Metalcraft Butterfly -Metalwork Made Easy