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Shipping within: USA and Canada


Order processing times:
Customer orders are normally processed same business day - 2 business days. We ship from our facility located in Rochester Minnesota. Once shipped, orders shipping within the USA and Puerto Rico should arrive 2-7 business days and orders shipping into Canada 7-30 business days. (delivery times may be impacted by several factors which we have no control over such as, but not limited to, seasonal holidays, weather, strikes, customs)


Local pickup:
Customers can pick up their orders at our facility in Rochester Minnesota per prior arrangement. No shipping cost will be included on orders picked up BUT Minnesota state law requires us to collect sales tax on picked up orders even if customer lives in another state.


UPS and USPS are the shipping services we use.  Tools, steel, and higher value orders are typically shipped by UPS and stamping orders typically by USPS mail service. Some customers (for example, in remote areas, apartments, businesses) receive better delivery service with one company over another and if that's the case customer needs to indicate what shipping service they absolutely want used in the comments box when placing order. If either service is ok, then no comment is needed.  If a specific carrier is asked for, that may change the shipping cost and if higher customer will be notified prior to shipping but note that may lead to delay in shipping out order so we ask customers to monitor their emails.

Customers with UPS accounts, metalcraftusa.com can ship your order under your UPS account but additional information will need to be collected, your UPS account # AND zipcode associated with your UPS account #. If customer wants their UPS account # used for shipping AND includes the above mentioned (their UPS account # AND zipcode associated with their UPS account #) in the notes section when placing order - there should be no delay in getting order shipped out BUT if customer wants to use their UPS account # and does not provide the additional information, that could delay shipping out order.  If metalcraftusa.com DBA: Wrought Iron Handicrafts, Inc. does ship order out under customer's UPS account # and if customers UPS account # is wrong or zipcode does not match to their UPS account # and UPS charges metalcraftusa.com DBA: Wrought Iron Handicrafts, Inc. for the shipment and/or any fees associated with correction of customers information, metalcraftusa.com DBA: Wrought Iron Handicrafts, Inc. will charge customer for said charges plus $25.00 (US funds)

NO shipments will be sent C.O.D.

metalcraftusa.com DBA: Wrought Iron Handicrafts, Inc. does retain the right to determine which shipping service is used. Customers are REQUIRED to include in order, both addresses if different, UPS delivery address and USPS delivery address. Failure to do so may result in shipping delays and extra fees. Any extra fees will be responsibility of customer.  A customer's order may be shipped using both UPS and USPS shipping services.  When shipping steel, metalcraftusa may combine tubes/bundles, for example: order 5 tubes of 1/2"w x 3/32" thickness x 36" long x 18 pcs per tube flat metal strip and order may ship out in 4 tubes.  The same amount of steel will be included, just the number of tubes may be changed.

metalcraftusa.com ships within the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico markets only. If interested in the Metalcraft Range of Tools but are outside these areas contact Mike at mcd@jandcrwood.co.uk
When shipped into Canada all duty, tax, and customs are responsibility of buyer.

When generating shipping label, customer’s complete shipping address including email and phone number will be entered and used by third party companies to complete the shipping process.  metalcraftusa.com DBA: Wrought Iron Handicrafts, Inc. shall not be held liable for, but not limited to, failure of UPS or USPS to deliver delivery updates to customer, delays in delivery of updates to customer, or information contained or excluded within said updates to customer.

For shipping calculations we put products into 4 groups (tools, stampings, steel, and Kosy Creations steel).
In USA - stamping shipping cost is based on the total value of stampings ordered
, (in Canada stamping shipping cost based on weight):

Tier 1: $0.01 to $150.00
Tier 2: $150.01 to $300.00
Tier 3: $300.01 to $450.00
Tier 4: $450.01 to $600.00
Tier 5: $600.01 to $800.00
Tier 6: $800.01 to $1,000.00
Tier 7: $1,000.01 to $1,200.00
Tier 8: $1,200.01 to $1,500.00
Tier 9: $1,500.01 to $2,000.00
Tier 10: $2,000.01 to $2,500.00
Tier 11: $2,500.01 to $3,000.00
Tier 12: $3,000.01 to $4,000.00
Tier 13: $4,000.01 to $5,000.00
Tier 14: $5,000.01 to $6,000.00
Tier 15: $6,000.01 to $7,000.00
Tier 16: $7,000.01 to $8,000.00

Thus for those in USA buying stampings, to get the most shipping value, best to order close to the top of a tier.


In USA and Canada, steel shipping cost is based on weight.  For USA customers, metalcraftusa.com ships steel using UPS Simple Rate (Flat Rate Box) - which means a 1 lb. box up to 50 lbs. will cost the same to ship (48 continental states).  

Thus for those in the USA buying steel, to get the most shipping value, best to order steel in increments of 50 lbs.

Q) Can different metals be combined to reach the 50 lbs.?  A) Yes.   The whole key to maximizing the value of the Simple Flat Rate pricing on steel is to order at or just under the 50 lbs. 
With Flat Rate pricing not only are you saving money on shipping, the steel is being delivered right to your door!