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Since 1950

QUALITY Metal Bending Tools and Stampings

Metalcraft Tools are hand powered machines for scrolling, twisting,
bending, rolling, punching, and cutting flat metal strip, solid round
rod and solid square bar. With Metalcraft tools no need for
heat or electrical power - as a result, they are portable, safe, and
easy to use while producing professional results time after time. The
essential range of equipment for crafting metal, for pleasure or for
profit. You don't need the skills of a metalworker, blacksmith or a
welder to use our equipment. It is incredibly easy and fun to use, so
making it possible for beginners and professionals alike to achieve
really impressive results. These are authentic, quality built,
Metalcraft brand tools. Our extensive selection of equipment is
suitable for a very diverse range of applications. Today - thousands of
metal enthusiasts (individuals, schools, businesses, and industrial
users) throughout the world use Metalcraft Tools and metal stampings.

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JUST ADDED - BJ5 Scroll Bending Jig Instruction Booklet Manual

JUST ADDED - BJ5 Scroll Bending Jig Instruction Booklet Manual

JUST ADDED - BJ5 scroll bending jig instruction booklet manual.  These instructions provide BJ5 user with formulas for bending various lengths of metal into specific sizes of scrolls.  The total length of the scroll and the diameter of the scroll ends may be predetermined.  Scrolls pictured on one inch square layouts.

Added as pictures on BJ5 product page.

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NEW Stamen Bud D Now Available

NEW Stamen Bud D Now Available

NEW Stamen Bud D Now Available. Approx. size 7/8" diameter x 1/4" high.  Pictured here are some examples of the Stamen Bud D combined with other stampings such as: F141, F78, F83, F89, F65, F25, and C10A   Combination of (1) F124 and (1) Stamen DCombination of (2) C10A and (1) Stamen DCombination of (1) F89 and (1) Stamen DCombination of (1) F83 and (1) Stamen DCombination of (1) F78 and (1) Stamen DCombination of (1) F65 and (1) Stamen DCombination of (1) C10A and (1) Stamen D
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Production done, Back in Stock!

Production done, Back in Stock!

Both the L100 and L101 steel leaves were out of stock but are available again.

i85 brass bee we were running low so additional have been added to stock.

B34 small butterfly also running low so additional were added to stock.

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