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Production done, Back in Stock!

Production done, Back in Stock!

Both the L100 and L101 steel leaves were out of stock but are available again.

i85 brass bee we were running low so additional have been added to stock.

B34 small butterfly also running low so additional were added to stock.

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LOOK at what's been added

LOOK at what's been added

Our new SE7 small starfish.  Design has changed but wow, the detail is amazing!  Please check them out.

F128 steel rosette is available NOW.  This is smaller version of F121 rosette.

A36 brass lion head is available NOW.  

Also have (3) L46 steel rose leaves that we came across.  This is larger version of popular L45 rose leaf.



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Into our New Storefront on Shopify

Into our New Storefront on Shopify

Hello Everyone, just over 1 week since we moved our online store to Shopify platform and from comments received, customers are appreciating and taking advantage of new store features.  From additional free videos & downloads to better see how the Metalcraft Tools and stampings can benefit you, more payment options offered including the pay in 4 equal payments, customer accounts allowing for faster checkout and ability to see past orders, better search functionality, and scan QR code to get tracking updates on your order. 

Above are just some of the new features BUT these next 2 (well at least 1 is) a game changer!  Did you notice the Add to Cart button on the product pages?  If not, take a look - it shakes periodically.  OK, that one isn't changing or helping the function of the store but it's fun and who wants a boring Add to Cart button.  Humor aside, the feature I hope many take advantage of is the shipping box located on the Shopping Cart page.  Normally shipping cost is only seen on the Checkout page and if one wants to increase or decrease quantity then you have to go from Checkout page back to Shopping Cart page and then back to Checkout page to see shipping.  TOO much back and forth so we made it much easier by having a shipping calculator box installed on Shopping cart page.  Now one can easily change quantities and quickly see if that impacts the shipping cost. For example in USA, shipping $1 to $150 worth of stampings costs the same OR with shipping steel, 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. costs the same to ship as we use UPS flat rate boxes when shipping steel. 

We appreciate your comments so please keep them coming.

Scott Thamert, President - metalcraftusa.com  

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Excited to Announce Launch of New  metalcraftusa.com  Website!

Excited to Announce Launch of New metalcraftusa.com Website!

WELCOME to our new metalcraftusa.com website now hosted on Shopify.  We are excited about this move as our customers will receive a better shopping experience. Enhanced features include:

  • Easier navigation
  • Better search functionality
  • Customers can create account to make return shopping easier
  • Site changeable from US dollar to Canadian dollar
  • Additional tool pictures / videos allowed 
  • Ability on Shopping Cart page to change quantities of items and see how that effects shipping cost
  • Better payment options including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Meta Pay, PayPal, and additional options supported such as pay in four equal payments with no interest
  • Free downloads - more free patterns showing step by step instructions but also tool instructions with parts diagram


Yes we anticipate some quirks along the way as changing platforms is no simple task but with our customers feedback and suggestions we will continually work to enhance this site.  Please check back frequently and read the blogs posted.

Thank you for visiting our website and reading this blog.

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UPS logo

Shipping Steel, How to get the Best Shipping Value

This blog is about getting the best shipping value when ordering steel.

In USA and Canada, steel shipping cost is based on weight.  For USA customers, metalcraftusa.com ships steel using UPS Simple Rate (Flat Rate Box) - which means a 1 lb. box up to 50 lbs. will cost the same to ship (48 continental states).  

Thus for those in the USA buying steel, to get the most shipping value, best to order steel in increments of 50 lbs.

Q) Can different metals be combined to reach the 50 lbs.?  A) Yes.   The whole key to maximizing the value of the Simple Flat Rate pricing on steel is to order at or just under the 50 lbs. 

Shipping Flat Rate pricing not only are you saving money on shipping, the steel is being delivered right to your door!


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Variety of Different Steel Added to Stock

Variety of Different Steel Added to Stock

Customers have found our steel to be high quality and they enjoy the convenience of steel shipped directly to their door.  With the launch of our new website, we expanded our line of steel offered.  This means more choice to customers BUT going even a step further, we also overcame the obstacle of metal being heavy to ship - as we now have available UPS Simple Rate (flat rate box) to ship the steel so please read separate blog explaining how to get the best shipping value when ordering steel.

Below are the newest metals added:

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