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Shipping Steel, How to get the Best Shipping Value

This blog is about getting the best shipping value when ordering steel.

In USA and Canada, steel shipping cost is based on weight.  For USA customers, metalcraftusa.com ships steel using UPS Simple Rate (Flat Rate Box) - which means a 1 lb. box up to 50 lbs. will cost the same to ship (48 continental states).  

Thus for those in the USA buying steel, to get the most shipping value, best to order steel in increments of 50 lbs.

Q) Can different metals be combined to reach the 50 lbs.?  A) Yes.   The whole key to maximizing the value of the Simple Flat Rate pricing on steel is to order at or just under the 50 lbs. 

Shipping Flat Rate pricing not only are you saving money on shipping, the steel is being delivered right to your door!